Meat and Two Veg

There's no croud pleaser like meat, potatoes and a creamy sauce of some kind. And if I want to please Big Man, this is what I make (even though I wanted that beef salad).

As for greens, asparagus just does it for me. The texture, the colour the crunch. Coupled with some honey and butter. Ahhh.

There. Both happy.

Superduper potatoes

Amandine potatoes or other small yummy ones
Olive oil
Herb of choice (I used thyme, Big Man hates rosemary)
S and P

Hot (250 degrees) oven on fan. 10 to 15 minutes depending on size.

Saucy Beef

Then brown some mushies and beef strips (as I had only really bought enough for salad) and as much creme frache as you like. Salt and pepper. My "secret" is to add a good glug of sweet chili sauce and ketchap manis (sweet soy sauce) at the end.

Crunchy Asparagus

Clean up a bunch of asparagus. Break off the end where it snaps. Lay out in a sauté pan and add boiling water halfway up the stems. Let boil up briskly and add a knob of buter and a squeeze of honey.

Now try to put it all on a plate in an appetizing way. Looks a little like this.

Now put away the camera and eat while it's hot.

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