Beef Salad

Beef Salad

This would have been a good vegan dish if it wasn't for the beef. It's the perfect supper, and I've started to crave it every weekend.

And it's low on the carbs. If you worry about those things.

I vary it a lot. Adding salad ingredients on the basis of what is in the fridge. Today it was spinach. Cucumber is a staple in this house. Basil an on and off nescessity.

For two people you'll need:

Four handfulls of baby spinach
1/2 a cucumber
A good handfull of basil leaves
250 grams of entrecôte (marbled beef)
10 medium mushrooms
1 lemon
Soy sauce
Sushi vinegar (the mix for sushi rice)
Rapeseed oil
Dijon mustard
A handfull of cashew nuts
Sea salt

Start by marinating the steak. Grate a couple of cloves of garlic and about a cm of ginger into a zip lock bag with the beef. Slosh in some soy sauce (I use the low salt kind), some rice vinegar and pepper. It may sound unaccurate, but you need just enough to coat the steak. Zip up the bag and massage the marinade into the meat.

Leave it.

Toast the cashews in a pan with a little seasalt and oil. Remove when brown, cool and chop.

Slice up the mushrooms and fry them off in a dry pan. Slosh in some soy when they are brown.

Clean your spinach. Remove large stems and rinse thoroughly (there is always sand in it, and it's nasty to crunch on). Slice the half cucumber in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds with a spoon and thinly slice into half moons. Pick off basil leaves and leave whole.

Cook your steak to wanted rareness. Rest.

Now the dressing. Juice and zest the lemon. Add a tablespoon of the vinegar (for sweetness), grate in a clove of garlic and more ginger to taste. Add a teaspoon of mustard, a good pinch of sea salt and some good grinds of pepper. Mix all together and add the oil in a thin drizzle while whisking. The vinaigrette will thicken a little.

Mix the greens with the vinaigrette and pile on two plates (use tongs, or your hands). Pile on the mushrooms. Slice the steak thinly (I used my sushi knife for this) and pile on top. Drizzle leftover dressing over the meat. Sprinkle chopped cashews on top.


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